Okay so I finally killed my Wordpress site and access to the domain in general with one Wordpress plugin activation.  In short, you're fired Wordpress!  I'm going back to my roots and checking out the latest edition of Joomla and I'm quite pleased.

Welcome (back) to Grateful Diversions

Thanks for dropping by my new community.  What is Grateful Diversions, you say?  Well to put it simply, it's a community focused on reclaiming our hobbies and sharing them with like minded folk.  Cavemen used to come home after clubbing mammoths to death and gather around the fire to firegaze.  It was a primitive form of just unwinding the stress of the day and I'm sure clubbing mammoths can get stressful.  Fast forward to our caveman era and we can barely fit in time to eat a decent meal let alone stare at a fire.

Grateful Diversions is both a clever nod to the Dead and a playful statement that we should be grateful for the diversions in our life.  We should embrace the hobbies that we are blessed with a talent for.  Part of that embrace includes a duty to share those hobbies with others so they may learn and begin to enjoy in these hobbies too.

Where do we go from here? (Shameful Michael Damian snippet. Rock On!)

Now that I'm on a familiar platform, I will begin evolving this site into something meaningful and adding components to it.  This site will cover a wide range of hobbies and potentially serve as a destination for GD guild/teams to be a part of in the gaming world.  Some of the hobbies to be discussed here are:

  • PC Gaming
  • Guild discussion - SWTOR only for now.
  • Cigars/Pipe (Tobacco-only.  Take your hippy hay discussions elsewhere.)
  • Alcohol - Beer Brewing, Scotch, Drink Recipes, etc..
  • BBQ/Cooking - Share your favorite Q'in techniques and cooking recipes
  • Fishing - Fly Fishing, Rod'n'Reel, Deep Sea, etc..
  • Camping - Discuss camping and camping areas.  Share your camping stories
  • Models - No, not Kathy Ireland. We're talking scale models. Share your tips, tricks, and projects
  • Woodworking - Got some tips on wood working techniques?  Working on a new project?
  • Vehicle Restoration - Restoring an old VW Bus? Got a Mustang you are rebuilding?
  • And more as we progress along depending on community interest.

There are 4 topics not up for discussion in this community:  Drugs, Porn, Politics, and Religion

The Internet is a big place and there are plenty of places to discuss all four of those but not here.  I love my politics and I love my religion but I created this site to discuss hobbies and that's the way I'd like to keep it.

So keep an eye out as I work on updating this site over the next month.  This is a new community and I'd like it to be a good consolidated place for us to firegaze for a bit and be grateful for our diversions.



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